Wet & Dry vacuum cleaner machine

TI 15 / TI 30 / TI 60

Our versatile machine is suitable for both wet and dry vacuuming, offering convenience for various cleaning needs.

Equipped with a powerful 2-stage vacuum motor, it delivers impressive suction power and airflow, enabling faster removal of dust and liquids.

Despite its powerful performance, this machine operates with low noise in both wet and dry categories, ensuring a quiet cleaning experience.

The head of the machine features an antifoam system, preventing foam buildup during wet vacuuming.

For easy maneuverability, the trolley comes with a tilting mechanism in the VAC 602 and VAC 803 models.

Complete with a comprehensive set of tools and accessories, our machine is designed to handle all vacuuming applications effectively.

ModelApplicationNo.of MotorsMax Power
(mm H2O)
Air Flow
Tank Volume
TankNoise Level
TI 15Wet/Dry11000230/5O214017515SS65
TI 30Wet/Dry11000230/5O235019030SS65
TI 60Wet/Dry22000230/5O255038060SS68