Road Sweeper machine

TI 210

Our machine offers comprehensive cleaning with four side brushes for effective sweeping.

It features an all-steel welded body frame, providing exceptional solidity and durability.

Powered by a high-power brushless motor, it delivers stronger and reliable performance.

With a large hopper capacity, it minimizes the need for frequent emptying.

Adjust the main brush pressure to optimize cleaning results.

Equipped with a powerful vacuum system and efficient filtration, it achieves highly effective sweeping.

Enjoy great visibility for precise and safe operation.

The powerful battery enables longer working hours without interruptions.

It has a strong climbing ability for efficient cleaning on inclines and uneven surfaces.

Model Max Sweeping Width (mm) Main Brush Width (mm) Side Brush Width (mm) Productivity (m2/hr} Dirt Container Volume (L) Power supply Battery Running time (Hr) Filter Surface (m2) Max Speed (km/hr) Weight (kg) Dimensions (L x W x H)
TI 210 2100 800 500 13800 260 Battery 48V 4 ∼ 5 8.6 6.5 990 2200x 2320x 2000