Battery operated walk behind sweeper machine

TI Brava 800

The BRAVA machine is designed to provide quick and easy brushing, saving you time and money while maintaining clean facilities. It offers numerous advantages for your business and health.

The BRAVA 800 models can be equipped with batteries up to 240 Ah (20h), offering an impressive run time of up to 4 hours.

Cleaning the machine is a breeze with the filter shaker, and the BRAVA 800 comes with an electric shaker as standard.

For added convenience, there is a version with traction, allowing for extended working times without fatigue.

These machines feature a sturdy steel chassis and a steel shocks front bumper, providing durability and protection against front chocks.

With the use of elastic belts and brush adjustment systems, the BRAVA ensures great accessibility and low maintenance.

By effectively removing all dust, it significantly increases cleaning productivity, up to 5 to 11 times compared to manual cleaning.

The large filter is designed to retain all dust raised by the brushes, enhancing the cleaning quality.

Choose the BRAVA machine for its efficiency, durability, ease of maintenance, and superior cleaning performance, providing exceptional results for your cleaning needs.

Model No. Hourly Performance Cleaning Width Hopper Capacity Filtering Surface
TI Brava 800 3120 m2/h 780mm 40 L 2,25 m2