Carpet Cleaning Machine

TI CC 35 / CC 40 / SW 15

Our self-contained power brush extractor is perfect for both carpet and hard floor cleaning, delivering exceptional results.

The rotating brush ensures deep cleaning of carpets, effectively removing dirt and stains.

With a pull-back mechanism, the machine provides even more effective cleaning results.

Featuring larger tanks and cleaning widths, it allows for quick coverage of larger areas.

The high waterlift vacuum system ensures excellent cleaning results and faster drying times.

With much higher performance in terms of area coverage, it significantly enhances cleaning efficiency.

Operating with a silent running motor, it provides a quiet cleaning experience.

Experience superior cleaning results and reduce cleaning time by more than 50% with our efficient machine.

ModelMax Vacuum Power
Air Flow
Cleaning Width
Brush Motor Power
Brush Speed
Solution Tank Capacity
Recovery Tank Capacity
Pump Capadty
Pump Pressure
SHARON BRUSH1500300018027090120600230/5O12121.34
CHARIS ONE15003400180400120250600230/5O35354.59