Single Disc Scrubber/ Carpet Shampooing/ Floor Cleaner/Floor Polisher Machines

Deluxe 15 / Super 17

Our machines are designed to be multipurpose and versatile, catering to various floor maintenance tasks such as carpet shampooing and floor polishing.

To ensure heavy-duty performance, we have equipped these machines with a triple planetary gear transmission system.

Efficient cleaning underneath low spaces is made possible with the inclusion of a low height motor, while a wide butterfly handle enhances operator comfort and facilitates easy handling even during long hours of operation.

With dual Capacitor CSCR motors, we have prioritized the longevity of the machine’s motor, enabling it to have a longer working life.

Through robust engineering and a commitment to durable quality, our machines are built to last, providing you with a reliable and long-lasting solution for all your floor maintenance needs.

Model Motor
Scrubbing Width
Drive Brush Speed
Solution Tank
Deluxe-15 1.0 230/50 380 Gear 165 10 38
Deluxe-17 1.0 230/50 430 Gear 165 10 40
Super-17 1.5 230/50 430 Gear 165 10 46

TI – SD SC 005 / TI -SD BD2A

Introducing our revolutionary single disc scrubber and carpet shampooing machine. It handles scrubbing, polishing, and carpet cleaning effortlessly.

With a powerful motor and advanced technology, it delivers exceptional cleaning performance, leaving floors spotless and rejuvenated.

Equipped with interchangeable discs and brushes, it adapts to various floor types and cleaning needs. From hard floors to delicate surfaces, it offers unmatched versatility.

For carpet shampooing, it excels with a specialized brush and dedicated mode, ensuring deep cleaning and removal of embedded dirt and stains.

Designed for operator comfort, it features adjustable handles and intuitive controls for easy maneuverability. Its compact size reaches tight spaces with ease.

Model Voltage Frequency Power HP Weight Tank Capacity Brush Size Noise Brush Speed Voltage Cable
TI-BD2A 220-230 1471w 2 49 kg 10 Lt. 17″ 54 DB 154 RPM 220 V 15M
TI-SDSC005 220-230 1471w 2 48 kg 10 Lt. 17″ 54 DB 154 RPM 220 V 15M

Super 4 / Max 75

Our high-performance machine efficiently handles lipping grinding, honing, and all other floor restoration operations with ease. It is equipped with a triple planetary high torque transmission system, ensuring optimal power and performance.

Designed for continuous and heavy-duty jobs, this machine excels in demanding work environments. It is capable of increasing productivity by up to 6-10 times compared to conventional polishing machines, enabling you to accomplish more in less time.

Ideal for polishing and restoring all types of natural floors, particularly marble and granite, this machine delivers exceptional results. It is specifically engineered to bring out the beauty and shine of these surfaces, providing a flawless finish.

Upgrade your floor restoration operations with our efficient and productivity-enhancing machine. Experience the benefits of its advanced features and achieve remarkable results in polishing and restoring natural floors.

Model Motor
Supply (V/Hz) Scrubbing Width
Drive Brush Speed
Solution Tank (Ltrs) Weight (Kgs) Additional Weight
Super 4/ MAX-75 3.0 230/50 430 Gear 165 10 75 30