Industrial Hydro jet cleaning machine

Hydro jet cleaning / blasting machine

The Industrial Hydro-Jet Cleaning & blasting Machine is a powerhouse in industrial cleaning. With its high-pressure water jetting capabilities, it effortlessly removes tough deposits and contaminants from various surfaces. The machine’s advanced vacuuming system ensures efficient waste removal, leaving no room for recontamination. Safety features are prioritized, providing operators with peace of mind during operations. By investing in this cutting-edge machine, businesses can expect improved equipment performance, extended lifespan, and reduced maintenance costs. Experience the power of the Industrial Hydro-Jet Cleaning Machine and elevate your industrial cleaning to new heights.

ModelPower (Watts)MotorVoltageFloratePSIWorking PressureMotor RPMWeight
Tl – 025HP50019KW25HP440/50Hz1260LPH7200470to 500 bar1450248 kg
TI – 30HP50022KW30HP440/50Hz1800LPH7200500 bar1450285 kg
TI – 40HP70029KW40HP440/50Hz1800LPH10,000700 bar1450580 kg
Tl – 100HP140075KW100HP440/50Hz2400LPH20,0001400 bar1450980 kg

Drain cleaning machine

The Electric and Engine versions of our Hydro-Jet Cleaning Machine are perfect for tackling inner city light drain cleaning in pipes ranging from 1 ½” to 4″. Their compact size, lightweight design, and low noise operation make them ideal for various settings such as supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, fast food establishments, shopping centers, hospitals, and schools. This is so portable that it can fit in the trunk of a car, and the trolley it comes with rolls smoothly over any terrain. With the highly flexible ¼” jet hose and 3/16″ trap hose, navigating through tight lines is a breeze. Experience convenience and efficiency with our Hydro-Jet Cleaning Machine for your drain cleaning needs.

Technical specification

Water flow: 21 lpm
Motor power: 10 Hp
Voltage:440 volts, 50 Hz Ac supply
Variable pressure adj. :10-200 bar
Min pressure: 50 bar
Maximum pressure :200 bar