Car Washer Equipment

Car washer high pressure jet cleaner

Introducing our Car Washer High-Pressure Jet Cleaner, the ultimate solution for maintaining a pristine and shiny vehicle. This powerful and efficient machine delivers a high-pressure jet of water to effortlessly remove dirt, grime, and stubborn stains from your car’s exterior. With adjustable pressure settings, you can customize the cleaning process to suit different surfaces and levels of dirtiness. The compact and user-friendly design ensures easy maneuverability, allowing you to reach every nook and cranny of your vehicle. Say goodbye to costly car wash services and hello to a convenient and effective cleaning experience with our Car Washer High-Pressure Jet Cleaner.

ModelPower (Watts)MotorVoltageFloratePSIWorking PressureMotor RPMWeight
TI – 02HP1001500W2HP220V/50Hz660LPH1500100 to 120bar145042 kg
TI – 03HP1302200W3HP220 to 440V/50Hz720LPH1930130 to 150bar145048 kg
TI – 05HP1603700W5HP220 to 440V/50Hz900LPH2300150 to 180bar145068 kg

Car washer hydraulic lift

Introducing our Car Hydraulic Lifting System, a cutting-edge solution for efficient vehicle maintenance. This innovative system features an underground installation, with only the lifting arms and control unit above ground, providing a streamlined and space-saving design. The hydraulic lift is equipped with fully hard chrome plating, offering exceptional protection against water and rust, ensuring its durability and longevity. Operating and maintaining this system is a breeze, thanks to its user-friendly interface and low maintenance requirements. With heavy-duty ramps that accommodate vehicles of varying sizes and tire types, this hydraulic lifting system is a versatile choice for any car service center or garage.

Lifting capacity4T/6T4T/6T
No. of plungers11
Plungers Diameter (M)260270
Operating pressure (kg/cm2)9 to 129 to 12
Lift Height1500 mm1500 mm
Lifting time50Sec50Sec
Tank capacity160 Ltr160 Ltr

Car washer steam cleaner

Introducing our Steam Cleaning Machine, the ultimate solution for powerful and efficient cleaning. This advanced machine is designed to tackle even the most stubborn dirt, including grease films, residual paint, resins, gums, and graffiti. With its deep-action capability, it ensures a thorough and effective cleaning process. Additionally, the steam cleaning machine provides sanitation and helps prevent the growth of bacteria, mildew, and pests. You’ll be pleased to know that it boasts very low water consumption, resulting in a drastic reduction of wastewater. Furthermore, the machine operates with minimal electrical consumption, leading to low operating costs. Enjoy the convenience and cost-effectiveness of our Steam Cleaning Machine without any installation costs.

Voltagev110230 220
Type of currentHz1-601-50 1-60
Conneded loadw400400 400
Protection (Fuse)A106.3 6.3
Protection degreeIPX5 
Protection class I
Temperature inlet {max)·c40
Flow-rate (min.)llmin5
Pressure inlet (Max.)Ba•10
Ory steam flow ralekglh36
Over pressure (admissib e)Ba•10
Wet steam now 1818Kg/h40
Max. boier temperature·c220
Max.working temperature·c160
Boiler powerkW48
water pumpmotorw180160 160
Sumer fanw110110 120
Diesel pressuraBa•11.512 11.5
Dieselconsumption {max.)kglh3.8 
Lenght x W.:tth x Heightmm920x61Ox850
TypicalW’Of1ting weightkg160
Diesel tankI20
Heat exchangerI14.5
Water tankI24.5
Package Lx Wx Hmm1060x700x1020

Foam cleaning machine

Introducing our Foam Cleaning Machine, equipped with a pneumatic foam sprayer for an exceptional cleaning experience. This machine allows you to mix it with a chemical product to produce soft and voluminous foam. The foam generated by this machine is highly effective in removing tough dirt or dust from objects. The dense and clingy foam ensures thorough coverage and maximum cleaning power. With our Foam Cleaning Machine, you can achieve superior cleaning results with ease. Say goodbye to stubborn dirt and hello to sparkling cleanliness.

Under chassis cleaning machine (manual/automatic)

Introducing our Under Chassis Cleaning Machine (manual/automatic), a revolutionary solution for thorough vehicle cleaning. This advanced machine features automatic vehicle length sensing, ensuring precise and efficient cleaning for cars and SUVs of various sizes. Equipped with a rotating quadra jet nozzle, it delivers maximum impact force and wide coverage, effectively removing dirt, grime, and debris from the undercarriage. With our Under Chassis Cleaning Machine, you can achieve a comprehensive and hassle-free cleaning experience, leaving your vehicle spotless and ready for the road ahead.

Automatic bike washer

Technical Specifications

Water pump working pressure :17 bar
Max. washable dimension (LxWxH) : 2210x1360x890 mm
Max. water consumption per bike : 45 L
Max. shampoo consumption per bike : 20 ml
Cycle time per bike (without wiping) : 52 sec Approx.
No. of water nozzles : 14 Nos
No. of shampoo nozzles : 4 Nos
Gun for wheel arch cleaning : 1 Nos
Electrical requirement : 7.5 HP, 3 Ph, 415V
Compressed air requirement : 6-8 bar
Space requirement (LxWxH) : 4100x1450x2050 mm

Automatic car washer

Introducing our innovative approach to car washing, a solution that is simple, pragmatic, and efficient. Our car wash system enables a quick wash in less than 3 minutes, saving you valuable time. Equipped with an ultrasonic sensor, it ensures precise and thorough cleaning for a sparkling finish. The corrosion-resistant design guarantees long-lasting durability, even in harsh conditions. With a torque limiter for added safety, foam stoppers for creating rich foam, and an integrated under chassis washer, our product is a force to be reckoned with. Experience the convenience and effectiveness of our car wash system and elevate your car washing routine to new heights.

Machine typeDual swing armtype Overhead carriage
Required space, mm (LxWxH)7000 X 3800 X 3100
Overall dimension, mm (LxWxH)6560 X 3710 X 3010
Maximum washable dimension of car, mm. (LxWxH)4900 x 2300 x 1900
Operating system (water) pressure,bar16
Water consumption per car, litres*80-105,
Shampoo consumption per car, ml 40 – 60(Recommend duration: 1:135 )
Cycletime per car, min* (Exduding manual wiping)2 – 2.7
Input supply30, 355V – 458V, 50 Hz
Total connected load, kW5.1
Total operational load, KW4
Power consumption per car, kWh0.08 – 0.1