Tank Cleaning equipment

Tank cleaning tools

At Technoplast India, we offer a comprehensive range of Water Tank Cleaning Equipment designed to ensure effective and safe cleaning of water tanks. Our innovative 6-stage water tank cleaning process has been developed through extensive research and development, incorporating state-of-the-art imported equipment and proprietary anti-bacterial agents that are both environmentally friendly and highly efficient.

The first stage of our mechanized de-watering process involves cleaning the manhole and surrounding areas to remove dirt, mud, and algae. Next, using specialized de-watering equipment, the water below the foot-valve level is pumped out, ensuring thorough drainage.

In the second stage, our special sludge pumping equipment is utilized to effectively remove the settled sludge from the tank floor. This process ensures the elimination of any accumulated sediment.

The third stage involves high-pressure cleaning, where our specially designed jet cleaners thoroughly clean the walls and ceilings of the tank. This process removes calcinations, algae, and other contaminants, preventing the growth of microbiological contamination.

The fourth stage utilizes an industrial vacuum cleaner to remove any remaining contaminants, leaving the tank impeccably clean and free of debris.

The fifth stage is a crucial step where our specially formulated anti-bacterial agents are applied to the tank walls and ceilings. This treatment ensures the elimination of bacteria and provides a sterile environment for storing clean drinking water.

Finally, in the sixth stage, a specially developed UV radiator is employed to perform the final sterilization and disinfection of the tank. This process effectively kills any remaining suspended or floating bacteria, guaranteeing a 100% bacteria-free tank.

Our water tank cleaning process is suitable for both underground and overhead drinking water storage tanks, including various types such as concrete tanks, fabricated steel tanks, and plastic (Sintex type) tanks.

The combination of our unique cleaning process, specialized anti-bacterial agents, and UV radiation treatment sets our service apart. We take pride in offering a novel cleaning process that has been thoroughly developed, tested, and proven effective in India. By implementing this process, residents of multi-storied buildings can significantly reduce the risk of waterborne diseases, provided the water supplied by authorities is of potable quality.