Hot water high pressure jet cleaner machine

AR 4590 / AR 6670 / AR 6970

Our machine features a high-performance triplex pump with ceramic pistons and a connecting rod system for durability and efficient operation. It maintains consistent pressure with an automatic by-pass valve and pump head pressure discharge.

Powered by a heavy-duty three-phase motor, it delivers powerful performance. Safety features include a remote control and pressure switch. The stainless steel vertical boiler provides efficient and safe heating. With built-in pressure adjustment, a fuel tank with a drain plug, and a thermostat, customization and maintenance are made easy. 

The machine also includes built-in detergent suction, a 6-liter tank capacity, and water and fuel inlet filters for optimal cleaning. The 5-meter electric cable provides flexibility during tasks.

Flow Rate
Absorbed Power
RPMDetergent Tank
AR 4590Hot/Cold150500230/503000280053
AR 6670Hot/Cold170780400/505000145085
AR 6970Hot/Cold200900400/507400145098