Automatic scrubber dryer machine

TI Pro 430E / TI 4550 E/B

Our machine is specifically designed for heavy-duty use in industrial shop floors, delivering exceptional performance in demanding environments.

With greater brush pressure, it ensures efficient soil removal, saving you time and effort.

Equipped with high vacuuming power, it enables faster floor drying, enhancing productivity.

The V-shaped squeegee design ensures no water is left behind, providing streak-free cleaning results, even on turns.

Automatic vacuum shut-off prevents disruptions by stopping when the recovery tank is full.

Operator comfort is prioritized with the ergonomic handle, reducing fatigue during extended cleaning sessions.

Easy maintenance and serviceability are key features, minimizing downtime.

Machine typeCableSolution Tank40 LtrVoltage220V/50Hz
Productivity1900 Sqm/hrRecovery tank45 LtrWorking TimeContinuous
Brush Size18″Scrubbing width460 mmSuction Width780 mm
Brush Motor550WSucker Motor500 WBrush Speed180 RPM
Cable Length15 mtrNoise Level<60DBADimension1080*500*1075 mm
Weight60 Kg    

TI 510 E/B

Our machine is available in cable and battery versions, providing flexibility for your cleaning needs.

Featuring an exclusive parabolic squeegee system, it ensures effective drying, even at curves and corners.

With a skirting system, it prevents water from splashing outside, maintaining a clean and safe environment.

The machine offers great maneuverability with optimum weight distribution.

Equipped with a low-noise 2-stage suction motor, it provides efficient suction power while operating quietly.

Replacing the brush is easy, with no tools required.

The squeegee blade can be used on all four sides before replacement, maximizing its lifespan.

For convenient after-sales service, the machine has a side opening recovery tank.

Experience the convenience and efficiency of our machine, designed with user-friendly features for exceptional cleaning results.

ModelScrubbing WidthSuction WidthNo.of BrushesProdudivitySolutionRecoveryPower SupplyMotor PowerVacuum MotorBrush SpeedSuctionWeightDimensions
(mm)(mm)(m2/hr)Tank CapacityTank Capacity(V)(W)(W)(RPM)(mmH20)(Kg)(lxWxH)
 ( l )( l )       
TI PR0-4304308101150030352307501100165220075102X47X102
TI PRO-455050081011750303523011251100165220085110X57X102
TI PR0-510E508850117505060230750750150220090123X52X96
TI PRO-510B50885011750506024550550150220095123X52X96